It's the Right Thing to Do. Re-using the lumber from old homes & buildings keeps this valuable commodity in circulation rather than it ending up in landfills or burn piles.

Unsurpassed Beauty & Character. All of the wood we use is old-growth lumber, originally sawn from some of the first forests to be harvested in the late 1800's and early part of the 1900's. Old-growth wood has been left virtually untouched in abandoned factories and century-old homes and barns throughout the Midwest. These woods are transformed by the natural aging process.

Connection to the Past. Old-growth reclaimed wood has a unique character and feel. It reflects a past when things were done a little bit differently, and gives evidence of another purpose and life that can only be imagined--and now re-imagined as handcrafted furniture made for you.

Higher Density + Harder + Stronger = Higher Quality. The rings are closer together in old-growth lumber because trees grew slower in the denser forests where they had to fight for sunlight and water.

Story of Urban Wood Goods

After relocating to Illinois to get married, I sadly couldn't find a teaching job. I had spent the last 8 years as an art teacher in the Detroit area. Inspired by an article on recycling & re-purposing, I found a barn deconstruction site to reclaim wood I imagined as a bench for my home. What I also found was new purpose. I fell in love with salvaging truckloads of century-old wood to create a "green" manufacturing business & online furniture store, shipping furniture across the US. The wood embodies a lifetime of character & comfortable aged beauty, so authentic it has to be shared.

-Erin True, Co-founder of Urban Wood Goods

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